Personality Edit

Bowser is a fairly normal guy, but is somewhat grumpy at times. When you talk to Bowser, he will answer but not in a good way. He’d answer with either a “what?” Or a “what do you want”. He doesn’t care much about anyone except the villagers. How he treats his kids (Bowser Jr., Koopa Kid, and the Koopalings) varies, for example, he treats Lemmy, Ludwig and Koopa Kid with respect and doesn't care about the rest.

Friends Edit

Mylo (sorta)

P (sorta)



Other Information Edit

  • Bowser can never remember Cillow’s name.
  • He is a number 1 fan of Villager News.
  • He owns the Buttons.

More Information Edit

Bowser created this hotel that everyone lives in. He is not loved by all, and surely isn’t in love in someone. His reputation of being a villain has stopped because he knows that capturing Peach multiple times is useless if Mario will save her again and again. So Bowser created this hotel. As a child he was found by Kamek. Kamek used to be kindhearted until Smart Nyesh ruined him. When Kamek was taking care of Baby Bowser, he was struggling so much, he became more pissed off. Bowser was a brat as a child, like his son Bowser Jr., that until Bowser grew up being horrible, because of Kamek taking care of him.

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